Coffeels is your choice.
Choosing a great coffee machine is half the battle to come up with a great cup of coffee. It can be a daunting task but that is what we help you do here at Coffeels.

We specialize in coffee machine retail and services, coffee bean supply & coffee related tools supply.

As the authorised dealer of JURA (Switzerland), our goal is to give you the best selection of coffee makers in the world, combined with top-notch service as you make the perfect choice for your needs.

We have full range of roasted bean which imported from Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia-Sumatera. For quality, taste and satisfaction – Coffeels is your choice.
COFFEE IN OFFICE - Boost Productivity
Having a cup of coffee in the workplace is a time honoured tradition. Now you have the opportunity to have great tasting gourmet coffee freshly brewed right in your office.

Coffee is a renowned to boost employee productivity and alertness while a coffee machine at the workplace, is sure to improve employee morale and loyalty. Of course, all of the above lead to one thing: increase in profits!
COFFEE AT HOME - Savour Life One Sip At A Time
There’s something fresh and revitalizing about a fresh cup of coffee. If you love indulging in a mug of aromatic coffee to wake you up in the morning or keep you going during the day, you need the ideal coffee maker at home.

At Coffeels, we offer a selection of coffee machines that will do all the hard work for you, while guaranteeing the freshest and fullest flavour – simply at the touch of a button.


Chase away the Monday blues with a cup of Espresso.
A cup of Short Black keeps you revitalized.
A sip of Black Coffee offers a blast of mid-week flavour.
1 more day to go? Enjoy an aromatic cup of Macchiato.
1 more day to go? Enjoy an aromatic cup of Macchiato.
Thank god it’s Friday, with a delightful Cappuccino.
Celebrate the weekend with a Café Latte.
Chill out with loved ones over delicious Café Mocha.
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